The 2017 Bob Open

One of the best, if not the best, thing about the Bob Open is that it isn’t about me or anyone else. It’s about everyone, going out and battling with their demons and desires on their own terms and hopefully learning what they wanted. The Bob itself is just a canvas, though not all canvas’s […]

Bob Open 2017, the final countdown

There’s not much anyone can do now, aside from show up tomorrow morning and walk across the Bob. Fretting about conditions only does so much good. A warm and sunny Tuesday sent melt across Montana into a temporary frenzy that is only just subsiding.  It looks like rivers will be down to a manageable, but […]

You are all going to die

Nothing is certain and a lot can change in three weeks, but right now conditions for the Bob Open are shaping up to be as or more challenging than they’ve been, for any years of the formal event or for the two years prior when I did solo trips that weekend. Compared to three weeks […]

Settling for right

Floating the Narrows in Zion has been a goal trip for a decade and a half, and since before I had one a packraft was the obvious tool. Circumstance and skill have just not yet come together, something which will remain the case, as we were in town the past few days, with perfect water […]