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Echo Park

The water would have been right up there. It’s a thought that hovers 500 feet overhead and permeates what would otherwise be an overly lucent place, a pinch of silt dissolved in a pint of champagne. Echo Park was named … Continue reading

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2017 Bob Open, planning from afar

As things stand today, the family and I will almost certainly be at the start of the 2017 Bob Open, if for no other reason than we rented the (superlatively gorgeous) forest service cabin at the start for the nights … Continue reading

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Escalante River snap judgment

Il ne faut pas toucher aux idoles: la dorure en reste aux mains. ― Gustave Flaubert The Highway 12 gauge is almost useless. During my trip on the Escalante this past weekend it hovered around 4 cfs, with a brief … Continue reading

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Upper Level Stream Crossings, updated

A post Philip put up the other day temporarily boosted traffic to this post from 2013, prompting me to give it a re-read.  One of the best things about this website is being able to delve into the past and … Continue reading

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The importance of bikes Outside

There was a time, within the last decade, when Outside Magazine was the bastion of quality in outdoor writing and journalism. They published a wide range of writers, on a wide range of subjects, notably giving Steven Rinella his start … Continue reading

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The packraft in 2017

Left to right: Double Duck, 2015 Yukon Yak, Doomiyak, Scout. When I last sat down to write a treatise on this subject, 4.5 years ago, there wasn’t really all that much to say.  Alpacka Rafts where the only acceptable option … Continue reading

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Sandal hiking with the Bedrock Cairn

Many moons ago I lived in a pair of Chaco sandals, almost year round, save for specific pursuits like climbing or more involved hiking.  Around 8 year ago I was well into a transition to minimalist shoes for hiking and … Continue reading

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Your mid wants a liner

The two biggest complaints folks have with floorless pyramid shelters are lying with the creepy crawlies in the dirt, and rubbing up against condensation on the walls.  The first complaint is largely, though not entirely, a matter of changing context … Continue reading

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Rab Windveil, windshirt evolution

I’ve written a lot about windshirts over the years, because they’re the most versatile piece of outdoor clothing.  When it comes to the range and frequency of appropriateness, nothing else comes close.  Until waterproof breathable laminates make vast strides in … Continue reading

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Backpack problems, and answers

In the last few months I’ve had impetus from several directions to hit the reset button on backpacks as completely as possible.  Shake off and re-examine as many assumptions as possible before I put them into practice.  This bag, and … Continue reading

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