Bob Open 2017, the final countdown

There’s not much anyone can do now, aside from show up tomorrow morning and walk across the Bob. Fretting about conditions only does so much good. A warm and sunny Tuesday sent melt across Montana into a temporary frenzy that is only just subsiding.  It looks like rivers will be down to a manageable, but […]

Rab Windveil, windshirt evolution

I’ve written a lot about windshirts over the years, because they’re the most versatile piece of outdoor clothing.  When it comes to the range and frequency of appropriateness, nothing else comes close.  Until waterproof breathable laminates make vast strides in breathability, this will remain the case.  The only question is which windshirt will suit you […]

The Blackfoot-Clearwater Question

The Blackfoot-Clearwater Stewardship Project, an organization founded to steer the future of public lands long the southwestern edge of the Bob Marshall Complex, has reached its goal. Senator Tester introduced the Blackfoot-Clearwater Stewardship Act the other week, and for fans of the area or folks just interested in what public lands advocacy and law might […]