Mounting problems

My first rule of skiing is that my gear has to do a lot of things, in the backcountry.  I don’t go outside to be around people, and recent events have confirmed that for me serious ski mountaineering is simply too dangerous.  Therefore I’ll inevitably be drawn to longer, moderate, backpacking-type routes that feature plenty […]

Getting what you paid

This is how an obsession starts, refinement of a tool whose elegance is only matched by its ubiquity, and the unessentialness of special details.  The appeal of knives is easy to grasp, and so too is the dizzying extent to which in the internet age they’ve been fetishized into almost nonexistence.  Nothing speaks to the […]

Hunters, Get a tripod

A few days ago I went for an evening hunt on public land, a 20 minute drive from home.  I spent a few hours hiking up ridges, through gullies, and around forests that were the evergreen species different and the cacti a little more robust could be in northern Arizona rather than central Montana.  I […]

Fizan Compact trekking poles

Danny Milks from Massdrop contacted me a few months ago about a new version of Fizan’s compact trekking pole they were producing, and he ended up sending me a pair to use with no strings attached. With one major flaw I’ve found them to be excellent summer poles, and a good discussion point for what […]