4 days with slime

I don’t expect anyone to believe me. The butte spilled at a right angle, diving from flatness into finger ridges then flowing into mud that twisted leisurely out to the lake, several miles away.  Careful belly crawling that put half my face over the edge told me that the sheep had in fact bedded, and […]

Hunters, Get a tripod

A few days ago I went for an evening hunt on public land, a 20 minute drive from home.  I spent a few hours hiking up ridges, through gullies, and around forests that were the evergreen species different and the cacti a little more robust could be in northern Arizona rather than central Montana.  I […]

All 4

I was tired enough that looking elsewhere lacked appeal, and sleeping atop elk scat must be good luck so I suspended tarp corners from branches and rocks, rolled out my stamp of Ridgerest, and laid down.  Even at 6500′ it was far too warm to be in a sleeping bag, and after I eventually fell […]