Quantifying the ideal ‘mid

Pyramid shelters have become inexorably associated with modern “ultralight” backcountry travel.  For me they’re a staple, one I’ve discussed extensively (most recently and completely here), that for many conditions provides a light and simple no-thought solution to whatever weather might come along.  That said, I do think the utility of mids has been overstated.  Their […]

La Sportiva Trango TRK review

When you go hunting, particularly hunting in the snow, you need boots.  The wet feet aren’t necessarily problematic, but wet feet mean cold feet when you stop to glass.  Hunting also, generally, takes you off the trail and across ridges and sidehills while carrying a heavy pack.  Most people want more shoe or boot in […]

Bears Ears in crisis

Add.:  Now that the alterations discussed below have become law (however, we hope, temporary) it is worth paying close attention to the reactions.  Patagonia blacking out their webpage and declaring “The President Stole Your Land” is a satisfying bold statement, but companies on the REI side of the line don’t really have much to loose […]

A perfect hunting story

This is a perfect hunting story because it ends with a dead bull elk, the apotheosis of my five year quest to hunt an elk in the Bob Marshall and get it out all on my own.  It is also a perfect hunting story because the actual practice of hunting occupies but little time within […]

Our Kuiu problem

I want to like Jason Hairston.  He’s a tad brash, self-centered but not self-absorbed, a little bit of an asshole, and at base totally earnest.  All things I respect because they’re all more prominent parts of my personality.  But I have a problem with Kuiu because Kuiu has a problem with itself, and the world […]