The me of a decade ago would not easily recognize the me of today.  Since arriving three weeks ago we’ve done a lot, and I’ve been pleasantly surprised at how interesting most of it has been.  If I had the time I’d probably have a lot to say about how much and just why I […]

We made it

The family is back in Montana, and a mostly sleepness night and a whole lot of box lifting the past few days can’t blunt how good it feels. To celebrate, the Go North sticker is on sale today only, cuz duh.  South-southeast is the worst direction ever. M and I have moved a lot in […]

This is not a business

But I am asking you to buy things. Back in 2010 the end of grad school and move to a new place, with what was finally and undeniably a real job, properly prompted introspection.  One prominent result was upgrading this blog to WordPress and taking it far more seriously.  What I’ve gotten from that commitment […]