Amazing rides

You can do what you can to prepare and invite them in, but ultimately they    just    happen.

Yesterday was the magic two-week mark before the GrizPerson, and given that cycling strength is our path to success (along with generally racing smart; Bill and I have both been ignoring the running aspect) a solid final push was in order.  Not to say I won’t ride in the next two weeks, but past precedent has indicated that form built takes about two weeks to manifest itself.

If that holds true, we should do well, because I had an extraordinary ride.  The idea was to do two ninety minute blocks on rolling pavement and dirt at max level, with a 60 minute bikerafting break in between.  And that is what I did.  Quite pedestrian in the moment, just feed regularly, have good tunes on the iPod, pick a gear, and keep the legs turning through the rollers.  Only in retrospect did I realize how well it all went, how I was as strong in the last 15 minutes as I was in the first fifteen.  That, and the fact that my legs and whole general system has been totally knackered, boggled, and fucked since.  Getting up from the chair to go pee yesterday evening I made it 5 steps before lactic acid burning down my legs arrested me involuntarily.  So yeah, it should be a good race.

Johan had an amazing ride, too.  The universe provided a good weekend all around.

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