I am a lazy fly fisher. I like to fish when it’s easy, during the low and clear water of high summer and early fall. Those conditions have taken far longer than usual to arrive this summer, but in the last three weeks things have taken off, with alacrity.

My family arrived for a visit on Friday, and after a lazy morning of catching up we got out into Glacier. My mom gave my stepdad Dick an Amago for his birthday, which he had yet to try out. We had an evening hour before we needed to make our dinner reservation at the Belton Chalet, and stopped off at McDonald Creek by Avalanche to get a line wet. Given it’s location, I assumed it’d be heavily fished and at best serve as a snag-free place to practice casting. To my surprise, I caught a little cutthroat without really paying attention within a minute or two, and another half-dozen by the time we left. Dick got skunked, but was figuring out the mechanics of casting quickly.

The next day we prepped for a backpacking trip and got a campsite at Two Medicine. Dick and I headed out for an hour in the early evening, and had all our expectations exceeded by a rash of small, vibrant Brook Trout in a feeding frenzy. In a little over an hour we brought roughly 50 to hand between the two of us, and while none were bigger than 10 inches, I get no deficit of pleasure watching a 6″ brookie heave itself a body length clear of the stream in the process of taking my fly. It was a magic evening, and once again, surprisingly, in a location which could hardly be easier to reach.

Lastly, yesterday morning M, my sister, and her boyfriend woke up at Lake Francis in the Glacier backcountry. While the women were still asleep I pulled out my rod and in the course of twenty minutes landed two fat browns as the sun came up over the Livingston Range.

So now I’m all about fishing, for at least another six weeks, and will spend my time watching videos like the one above, thinking about fly tying, and scheming about the next creek to hit.


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