The beach

A tip from a coworker pointed me towards a very large beach very nearby. A short drive in the early evening, minimal searching for the TH, and a ride past a gate down a dirt road brought me out onto the sand.

Massive. 200 to 800+ yards deep, dead flat, and going on for miles. Huge lake to the south, valley to the north, small mountains to the west, big mountains to the east. Firm sand, a bit of gravel, and the occasional half buried snag in the middle.

Especially relevant now that all my river gravel playgrounds are underwater. I will be back.

6 responses to “The beach”

  1. lovin’ the first and last photos.

    1. I was pretty chuffed to take the last one while riding, holding the camera with one hand, between my legs, behind the seatpost.

  2. What a disappointment, I was expecting to read about you in Thailand on a secret island, fishing and packrafting and building shelters, chilling in a hammock between palm trees and women in bikinis giving you drinks in coconuts.


  3. […] only riding hard for around 2 hours that Sunday, and only rode to work all week (with an extra opener ride on Thursday evening to make sure my legs hadn’t fallen too deeply asleep).  The strategy […]

  4. Nice pictures, especially that last one. Is this near Bigfork?

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