We’re well on the way towards having a proper winter, but I can’t get excited about skiing yet.  Until the snow in the valley fingers and forests is too deep for riding, I’ll be on my bike.

Snow makes familiar trails new again.  I snuck out of work this afternoon, hoping to fit a ride in before our very early dark.  45 minutes of spinning 20 by 19 in, I came to a turn I’d never noticed before, or perhaps I’ve ridden it while dry and it looked too different.  It took me in a new direction for quite some time; not that on the edge, full attention granny gear mashing takes many miles to make for a long time.  By the time I reunited with known territory I was pushing dark, and barely made it back to the truck without having to get off and walk.

Constant full-body riding, where you can’t take a hand off to blow a snot rocket, makes two hours a very long time indeed.  Glorious.