Green straps

We have a new packraft strap color; emerald, with tan buckle. The green is a hair more vibrant than pictured above, soothing, but extra-natural enough that it won’t disappear if dropped in the bushes. Rainbow will remain an option, and I have one set of gold straps still hanging around. We also added, after making a few on request over the past year, the AK strap; a full 30 inches longer than the standard strap for those exceptional loads.

Canny readers will also note that I snuck the Tamarisk product page, and custom pack page, on to the nav bar the other week. Tamarisks will be in stock when they are, but all the components are on the premises and I have already started piecing them together. The intention is the have ~15 go live at once. Once I have a better handle on that timeframe, I will add a few custom pack builds to the que.


8 responses to “Green straps”

  1. I remember you at some point mentioned a bigger pack — is that project going ahead?

    1. Yes. Sewed half of the latest proto last night. Shape is dialed. Suspension is more complicated to get right.

      1. I have been thinking about external frames a lot, because I am in the process of starting to make on (actually, attempting to do so). I am 100% sold on tubular components because they are just much stronger than flat bits, but I am now toying with the idea of PVC pipes. I know it is ‘redneck cheap’, but stereotypes aside, I am trying to assess whether plastic can do what metal does, at lower weight/expense/hassle. I frame must be strong enough to support twice the largest load a person could carry without collapsing (personal standard, not absolute truth!), and resist breaking or deforming in case of sudden shock (loaded pack dropping on the floor at an awkward angle). Would PVC pipe work for that? I’m tempted to test, and I’d like to know if you ever pondered about that.

        1. I’ve never pursued it simply because the common stuff seemed like it would require an excessive diameter to be rigid enough. Honestly I don’t know if something like HDPE tube might be workable? One of my current experiments is with Delrin rod. It is rigid enough at a good weight, and super durable, but I’m not sure the straight frame is going to get the job done. That lumbar curve makes a big difference, even if it is subtle.

  2. Exciting! Any more pics of the packs? Especially the suspension?

    1. Also, if I’m looking at dimensions right, this appear similar in size to a HMG 2400, just taller?

      1. It’s a hair taller and a bit thinner in the top part than an HMG 3400.

        1. Thank you Dave.

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