The day after the day after

My legs are feeling quite good. I can bound up and down stairs as normal. All signs that hiking was the right choice, that no real damage was done. About that I am very happy. I got distracted from filling the Endless again and messed with my project frame, an old Specialized mountain bike I…More

My official Red Hot write-up

I’m beginning to look at how far I can go, and it looks good. When I commence my course of full force strengthening and rehab next week, I’m going back to the Red Hot next year, and going sub-6 hrs. And there I go fucking it all up by attaching a goal. Weak. I love…More


Real deal (you guessed it) tomorrow because I’m (yep) tired. Smoked the first half, old knee issues came back a bit near the top of the Gold Bar climb, so I decided to hike the rest to be safe. Succeeded, though I had to run the technical bits of the Poison Spider descent; blowing by…More

Penultimate; good night, and good luck

Don’t expect to see a computer until Sunday evening, so, off it is. Yesterday and today are final prep time: finished up a bunch of odds and ends at work, sat around, am finalizing the iPod all hits all the time list, and will eventually pack. M is unemployed at the moment, so delegation is…More

Antipenultimate Evening

Suffering becomes beautiful when anyone bears great calamities with cheerfulness, not through insensibility but through greatness of mind.-Aristotle Happy Valentine’s all! I think I did ok and suggested M pick out a new tree for the deck yesterday, an Arizona Cypress. Romance is in idiosyncrasy, in the details. Game time is approaching. Working on lots…More

"Rules" and the new game of endurance racing

The grand master Mike Curiak put up a question on’s Enduro forum, and in typical fashion has generated some rubust debate. It inspired me to take a stab at a more direct version of the rules for the KMC: 1) You are physically on your own. All food, water, and supplies must be either…More


My bike parts arrived, including the Sugino-specific Blackspire Ring God. This is not a weight-weanie part, just begs to be beat against pine and granite. The 25t Endless cog is enormous, we’ll see how 7075 alloy wears compared to stainless steel. Update: the guard fits beautifully, and everything else went fine. The shifting is funny,…More

Grand Confluence Circumnavigation

I’ve had this one as an idea since college, inspired by the first time I rode the White Rim, and this September is reserved for it to happen. Thus, I put up this summary for consideration and inspiration, in case anyone would want to join. In summary, circumnavigate the confluence of the Green and Colorado,…More

Actually "racing"

SSAZ was the first “race” I’ve ever done on a bike, one of three races of any kind I’ve ever done. I ran in one high school cross country meet before getting injured, and limped through the Chicago Marathon years ago (getting injured in the process). So, I’ve never liked the idea or the execution…More

SSAZ ’07

Is a done deal. I’ll do a full essay later on, but right now my brain’s a bit fried, and I want to do, nothing. Met some great people, rode a great course, beat myself up. Drank beer, hung out, got an enormous amount of random swag. Dejay Birtch did a great job putting it…More