School time

I believe Jeff Kerkove said recently “rest as hard as you train.” This has not been easy for me before.

Now that I’m in for Transiowa, and have some equally intimidating intermediate goals, I want to get in shape right now. I must however hurry slowly, or I’ll get hurt. Done it before running, and the balance between enough and too much will be hard.

My goal for TI is to finish strong, and not be too much of a riding zombie at the end. My goal is also to not mess myself up, and be able to ride the rest of the year.

Lesson one would be this weekend: run down from new challenges at work and the tornado of disorder that was Meredith packing and leaving, I push hard in chilly weather Friday and Saturday, and today I am a bit sick. The snow that fell over SW Utah Saturday night was a great check; riding slickrock in the snow was not something I had a burning desire to experience. Ergo the sniffles and lethargy today; the body’s way of saying “cut that shit out and go to bed!”

Problem is, when I read about Chris P riding for almost 9 hours Saturday, and logging 300 for the week, I feel small and unprepared.

Today I will be fixing that by drinking lots of green tea and napping.

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