I’ll have to devise some sort of retirement ceremony for my poor old, cracked, WTB.

The new guy’ll look pimipin’. My bike is becoming a cliche.

3 responses to “Mine!”

  1. how much do those weigh? I’ve never been able to get past the weight and I don’t really dig the look but everyone seems to love them. Maybe I will have to sit on one of Daves. But what will I do with all 5 of my SLRs? :D

  2. The racier Brooks (Swift and Swallow) only come with ti rails, so I believe both are 300 and something grams. I’ve never been good at math, so I try to avoid counting on all occasions.Hopefully it will be as comfy as others have claimed; if not, they seem to have good resale value.I dig the old school vibe, and my wife/fashion consultant said that the racing green was the ONLY choice.

  3. You need to get some… leather conditioner of some sort to help break it in. I can’t remember the type/brand/actual thing I’m thinking of. Anyway. That fucker’s green. Well done.

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