Soul ridin’

Today was an excellent day. I’ve just felt better and better as the day went on, and got in a good 1.5 hour exploratory ride this afternoon. Headed up an old fire road, then up another, then off on a motorcycle trail up a wash….. Ended up traversing drainage heads, still on the moto trail. Very steep descents, sandy climbs, busting the rigid float over loose rock gardens, eventually ending up totally not caring where I was, following a decayed logging road to nowhere, then off trail carving ski turns in the pine needles, butt buzzing the rear tire. Eventually found my way back to the road and took a more established, and totally legendary, singletrack back to the truck.

Then I drove 5 minutes and finished the holiday shopping, picked up a soltice tree (courtesy of the federal government) and cooked some tasty pizza from scratch for dinner. I even talked to my mom. The only thing I didn’t do today is make a dent in the massive folder of papers sitting on the far corner of the table. Maybe I’ll get up a bit early, or not. Need sleep for the big hike this weekend.

Note 1:
I know there are ethical issues in the above, w/r/t use of public lands and the categorical imperative. I’m being immoderately moderate this evening.

Note 2:
The Monkey and I are getting along very well indeed. It just makes sense and rides balanced in a way the Soma never did. It also rides much lighter than it feels when I heave it onto the roof rack. In a month or so I’ll put fingers to keys in an exaustive treatise on the subject.

I miss Meredith, but am doing well keeping busy and enjoying the ability to run around the house and be neurotic without annoying anyone. Thank goodness we have very quiet neighbors.

I think I am also achieving a bit of equilibrium with the holidays, not something that work aids. Mom Chenault agrees, everyone gets nuttier this time of year; and those in the mental health field get the seasonal rush as well. Fortuitously, we do not rely on this month to pull us into the black like so much of the rest of the country.

Good night, and good luck.

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