-Enjoy the winter celebrations. We owe it all to the pagans anyway.

-The cheesesteak bailed from his Powell adventure, so he and Ariel came down and we drank some tasty brew last night with…

-Namrita and Eddie O’dea. Who were kind enough to let me show them around Granite basin in my idiosyncratic fashion. Great folks, excellent riders and consumate beer drinkers. Hopefully we’ll meet again at a race this year.

-Parents coming tomorrow, so I have to at least pretend to clean. No fun.

-The Brooks arrived yesterday, and I casually slapped it on for the ride. It felt like having a saddle made of polished wood. I hope the break-in process is not too long, but at this point I expect it to be exceedingly character building.

-Bailed on the r3 hike in the big ditch; combo of friends and still not feeling 100%. Next month I imagine, though with the White Rim ride on the 13th and all, January is looking full.

-Freezefest on the 31st through the 3rd. Finally get to do the Black Hole. Looking forward.

5 responses to “Update”

  1. Agreed on the pagan thing. There is no biblical in this season. Enjoy that the sun is starting to come backThe name Eddie Odea is familiar….didn’t he do the Hell ride or something? He’s like famous I think.I hope I can get a ride in the next few days. (other than the commute).Also, I found the narrower Brooks saddles to be very painful, and have never tried the wider (B-17) models. Good luck because your bike is indeed cliche. Cliche’s are just that for a reason, however.Finally, since I’m back to commuting on the Monkey I do have to say i enjoy the ride of this bike very much, But still hate the rear dropout when using disks.BTW…the King Bolt on hub thing will not work (per Ed) because the threads of the bolts are significantly wider than the shaft of the bolt, and they will not fit through the dropouts:(

  2. Can’t edit…meant to say there is no holiday in the bible known as “Christmas” Although the “Christmas story” is certainly there.Simply the church trying to tame the pagans.

  3. Re the King hub issue: darn! It is a nuisance to move the caliper, but the pull the bolts out and drop the hub trick works very well with my Hope SS hub.My lessons at the end of last week were about the Roman cooption of the pagan solstice holiday; the kids took a while to get their minds around something as immutable as Christmas being essentially voted into existence.I hope the Swift works out. It is very pretty, and on a theoretical level it seems like it ought to work. I’d rather not kill myself breaking it in, but I think part of that will be requisite. Thankfully its easy to not sit much on a SS.Eddie is indeed well known. Some of his less recent exploits can be found at http://www.eddieedea.com. He also drank a good 4-5 pints last night without being phased at all. A good all rounder, one might say.Merry Christmas, all.

  4. “but the pull the bolts out and drop the hub trick works very well with my Hope SS hub.”I must look into this, because every time I get a flat on the rear of the Monkey, I want to toss the frame. When I’m riding it, however..bliss. I much prefer the vertical drops on the Comandante (now stickerless).Eric

  5. I’ve been pleased with the Hope SS. However, I’ve only had it since late September. Cheap compared to King, and almost as many pretty colors.

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