In the groove.

Big day today, I’m getting the life/sports oriented words out of the way before the State of the Union. Though before I do, I should mention that my students read the ’06 SOTU today. Aside from some conspiracy theories and mangling of big words, it went over very well for such a long document.

After running errands, I got in a 40 minute easy trail run, shaking the last kinks out of my legs and back. I went out and back on 305, dodging the melting snow. On the return I slipped truly into the zone for the first time in a while, and the miles went away. True mark, I have no memories of the last kliks. It felt good.

I can feel my body starting to change. I’ve always been a bit on the thin side, yet simultaneously not at all lean. Dropping below the base line of body fat takes a lot of work, and it’s a good sign that it’s beginning to happen. Now I have to remember that I’ll start getting colder sooner and easier.

Mr. Nice has a little event going on this fall, cruise over to the Cellar and take a look.

Now: 1554 and the small screen.

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