Some brief technical notes

Set out to augment the narrative below.

The bike setup for yesterday was ideal. 30:20 was perfect, not too much for the climbing, able to hang with the gearies in the harder singletrack, and didn’t spin out too bad on the brief pavement (much of which was still uphill). Cockpit is ideal, Midges give great leverage for climbing. Hands got a bit beat up, but no soreness today. Weirwolf’s hook up well in the dry and rocky, provide cush and roll well. 20 front, 25 rear. And the frame kicks it, rides like a bike.

My only concern is the Swift. I want to sit too far back (almost on the frame), and am worried that this might mean its too narrow. No saddle soreness, not that I was sitting for much of the day. Jury still out.

2 responses to “Some brief technical notes”

  1. If your not sore? then I’d stick with it….If you go with one of the wider saddles you well have a hard time getting behind the saddle when it gets techy

  2. Both points I’ve pretty much agreed upon. Good to hear it from an experienced Brooks rider.

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