My feet hurt.

My quads hurt.

My calves are a bit tight, as is my lower back.

Such is life.

4.5 hours exactly, 2.5k of up (not very much, really), and I have no idea how many miles. Officially my longest run, ever. And while I am indeed tired, and will surely be gimping around tomorrow, I’m not wrecked. 14 months ago, when I did the r3 hike in the Grand Canyon, I couldn’t walk the next morning. It’d be inconvenient if it hurt as much tomorrow, but I doubt that.

Being this tired does no favors to being articulate.

Now, your daily fun, from the BBC:

Campground workers were stunned to come across the bear sleeping off the effects in their grounds, surrounded by dozens of empty beer cans.

But this was no ordinary case of a bear with a sore head at Baker Lake resort, 80 miles (129km) northeast of Seattle.

He had apparently tried out and rejected the mass-market Busch beer in favour of local brand Rainier.


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