Spoiled kid that I am.

So, why am I awake at nearly 1am for the first time since New Year’s? My new iPod shuffle and ITunes. I am digital.

First thing I could think of; all the high school I haven’t heard in ages. So I’ve got my Chemical Brothers, my Letters to Cleo, my Rage Against the Machine, as well as my Ani and Miles. Happy.

The iPod is art. Japanese functionality, even in it’s exquisite gift wrap and doubled and glued white card. My favorite part by far is the spring.

And mines custom etched: facilitating pomo manifest destiny.

Next week I’ll write more about what that means.

Out, for the weekend.


  1. Will do! That boat you’re working on looks fantastic; my stepdad and I have talked about building a wood canoe for ages. Not gonna happen anytime soon, as we live 2500 miles apart now. Let us know how it turns out, and have a good weekend. Weather looks stellar.

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