"Rules" and the new game of endurance racing

The grand master Mike Curiak put up a question on mtbr.com’s Enduro forum, and in typical fashion has generated some rubust debate. It inspired me to take a stab at a more direct version of the rules for the KMC:

1) You are physically on your own. All food, water, and supplies must be either carried by you alone, purchased from a store off-route, or filtered from in situ sources along the course. No “coincidental” prearranged support, psychological or physical. If you bonk, get lost, or have a major mechanical or injury, have the knowledge, wherewithall, and ability to get yourself found and saved without the assistance of others.

2) Follow all LNT guidelines. No gel wrappers left on the trail!

3) Be a good citizen. Interpret #1 within reason. If you see fit to give a fellow racer directions, mechanical assistance, water, a tube, or moral support, do so. Similarly, do not expect or feel entitled to any of the above. It’s nice to have good neighbors, but there isn’t a law mandating it.

4) Obey all laws, natural or man made. Don’t be mean to hikers, cut off cars, or ride bikes off trail. Be especially aware of this within Grand Canyon National Park.

Any suggestions are welcome.

3 responses to “"Rules" and the new game of endurance racing”

  1. Sounds Good!Might have to steal that for my Gonzo Ride =)

  2. It makes me laugh that the “rules” even need to be stated. All these endurance races are about conquering yourself anyway.I have no comprehension why someone would participate, then break said rules, then lie about it. They have lost far more than they ever gained with the assistance.I really want to do the KTR some day, but the training requirements time wise I think are beyond me.

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