M’s new ride

We’ve “needed” a second car for a while, America being the car-based society that it is. Hardcore holdouts like Mr. Nice aside (and you rock, sir) I find it hard to get around from home to work to trails to store and back without a vehicle. Ergo, Josey the Xterra will become mine on a daily basis, and the above fine piece of German steel will be M’s. That is, when she retrieves it from south Georgia.

It’s a ’77, diesel, etc, etc. I have a very happy wife, I even have one who will soon be reemployed! And right now she’s off at welding class while I hang out and drink beer, with only myriad forms of electronic media to keep me company. Whoa is me.

Also in the train is a set of these here classics, sourced from some clever persons dusty box across the pond. The XC version of these 94 bcd square-holed beauties go for north of a benjy rountinely on ebay. Crazy what planned obsolescence hath wrought.

Mine will be “pewter,” whatever that’ll be, and 165mm. Off-road fixie, methinks.


  1. Those cranks are pretty! I’m faltered by the the no car deal but If I could drive I probably would but I cant so i’ll continue the crazy millage and sore legs =)

  2. One of our goals for this year is to move when our lease runs out. I’d love to live in a proper town and be able to get groceries and go to the pub on a bike.

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