Post 100

Not a bad piece of work for three months.

M made it to southern Georgia and got the car fine, then had a flat tire epic which is resolved. Looks like she’ll be buying some new tires tomorrow. I worry about her, but, if you’re gonna do something like this, it’s a damn good time to do it. It’s an adventure, and I do all sorts of silly things for that end. She’s taking pictures, so we’ll have a story to tell next week.

Bugged out of work for some riding on the other side of the mountain. When M and I were on the road 18 months ago we spent a few days in Sedona hiding from December cold, and today was only the second occasion I’ve been over there to ride. It was drizzly, but precip is a treat in Arizona so off I went.

And had a fantastic time. In the area between Red Mountain High school and the airport, south and west of town, is a great trail network. Twisty rocky up and down, with a surprisingly large canyon hidden in the middle, and a magnificent trail on top of the hill next to the airport. The latter features a maze of embedded cobbles on a basically flat quarter mile, which for me was slickened up with a bit of rain. I’m sure I was never faster than 5 mph the whole stretch, and by the end I was beat. Slow speed, fast brain technical riding. Big wheels rule the roost in that.

Otherwise I went nuts, following the most interesting trail junctures with no regard for getting lost or found. Usually I’m pretty good at keeping with landmarks, but 90 minutes in when I decided that I should eventually return, I had to look at the compass on the Suunto to know which way was north. Once I got into the flow I did some damn good riding (for me) in the tech, especially descending. I blew by a pair of guys huffing on big sussy rides to the call of “Hey, cyclocross guy!” and realized five minutes later I should’ve yielded. Sorry guys, too much fun for my own good. Please understand audience, the inadequacy of language here. “Flow” would be the operative cliche.


I can’t believe I didn’t pinch flat. I run 20 psi in the front WW, on an average width rim. Reflections on the virtues of the tires and on my unaggressive skillz.

The short cranks worked very well, I really didn’t notice any less pop going up, and definitely noticed more pedal clearance (a good ride to showcase that). What I did notice was quicker fatigue in my trailing leg while standing for tricky descents. A less wider stance? Interesting. It did seems a little easier to get far behind the saddle.

If the purples work out, I’ll get a narrower bb for ’em. The q doesn’t bug me, but I’ve got a 118 t present. and could easily use a 105 if I wanted.

Sleep. I’ve always read to go to sleep. Since before I can remember, probably age 3. Right now I’m reading Tom Clancy, recent: The Teeth of the Tiger. M’s dad left it, and it’ll wean me off endless rereadings of The Hunt for Red October. It’s the same book, but makes for good entertainment.

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