Sorry for the overuse of the wretched pun, but this is just a brilliant shot. It’s all in the eyes. (Not really sorry.)

Well done, Dave.

Another update in the saga of M and her car; the epic continues in the best American style: as of 1420 AZ time she was in eastern Mississippi, two new tires, a replaced fuel line filter, and some new jackstands later. She’s having fun, so that’s all that matters.

I, on the other hand, am mostly ready to jet tomorrow afternoon. I also have a very nasty little cough and sore throat. Sleeping poorly the last two nights doesn’t help, but the real culprit is my damn allergies. They typically get cranky during season changes, and moving here seems to have not entirely fooled them. A may be a bit cranky this weekend, but exercise and some sushi tomorrow afternoon should set me right.

Only things left on the list are changing my oil and tranny fluid, and calling Chase and asking them to not cut off my credit card when I try to buy gas in Utah. As they have despite how often I go.

2 responses to “NICE!”

  1. My friend mateo shot that one. he works for the denver post and gets paid for the cool shots…. He used this crazy cool remote flash for that shot….

  2. The shots he put up in that thread sure look like a pros. Very good.

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