Calling in.

This is M. Corrupting Dave’s blog to keep you all posted.

Dave just gave me a call- looks like 30-plus people started The Rim Ride. Davey came in 7th, in about exactly 13 hours- and is Beyond ecstatic about his performance. When he called only 8 people had finished… so we’ll see how much that number changes as darkness sets in.

Seems everything felt good and rode well. He did admit he’d see how he felt tomorrow, and might just come home. He doesn’t have to be back to work until Tuesday, and was going to spend Sunday afternoon driving somewhere and doing a canyon Monday morning then driving home, but it looks like he might just come straight home.

Can’t blame him… although it’d be nice to have an extra day to clean up the garage before he sees the mess I’ve made down there…

Signing out- M

5 responses to “Calling in.”

  1. Congrats Dave!I was chasing you on the last bit of Sovereign, and just had you in sight when my derailleur hanger snapped…doh!Great job, I am very impressed. I can’t wait to it again.

  2. Nice job on the race! It was nice to finally meet you!

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