Bring me all the muffins and bagels in the land..

..for victory is mine. List of victories today:

-not having fucked up digits

-finally setting up for use my year of the family time share (damn that sounds yuppie*). It didn’t work out for the CB 100, rather we’ll be in South Tahoe from 9/3-10. Freeloaders may be welcome, provided they either climb or ride bikes and aren’t lame. We even have a fireplace, and are very close to the beach.

-riding my bike and not getting arrested or harassed. Exploring more of the excellent singletrack we have in these parts. The variety continues to astound me. Today was more Thumb Butte, 321 and 378 being the highlights. Again, not very long trails individually, but 321 is 3 or so miles that are just brilliant. Fast parts, swoopy parts, a pretty section through a grassy valley, and a great traverse of a really steep hillside. Even an intimidating rock garden. 378 is also good, but dead ends in a bikes restricted trail through the Hassayampa golf and pretty houses gated community. The old dude in the jeep running security told me that folks get “riled up” by bikers riding through, but I couldn’t find a way out of the damn place, and the motion sensor gate let me out just fine. 321 I will revisit soon.

-not breaking things. I had a nice slow speed, stick in the front wheel climbing crash. Tally: 1 bent Supercomp, 1 brusied calf, 1 scraped knee. Wheel is still perfectly true.

-being clever and ordering takeout Thai food. Because a good green curry is a thing of beauty, and makes me very happy and pleased.

-beer. Enhancing all aspects of the above. Springboard Ale, my friends.

That will be all.

* Note: my mom grew up in BFE South Georgia, and from the time I was 10 to the time I was 20 managed to quintuple her income while loosing her spouse and raising two kids. Similarly, my stepdad runs an alarm and electric buisness started by his father in 1952. That’s over half a century of accounts for which monitoring fees are charged. Wealth and (since my sis and I are out of the house) the ability to visit Italy and Africa built on competence, integrity, and damn hard work over decades.

Spoiled though I may be and have been, my parents are awesome. True blue no bullshit Amuricun dream stories both. They fulfill and enliven the myth and stereotype.

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