So, the laptop isn’t back yet: the silence continues.

Yesterday I (hopefully) finished up my NCLB highly-qualified silliness, taking the high school Government test. I also ripped up both heels with my new shoes running that morning (in Flag). Hope it’s just the socks and breaking in shoes, and not having two new pairs of shoes I can’t wear. Last time I went running before a test and almost got bit by a dog, gotta stop that.

This morning was riding the Whiskey 25 course with Enel, which went very well. He’s quite the strong technical rider, gives me something to aspire to and work on. Encouragingly after a week mostly off, I felt really strong all day, and the 1.5k fire road climb halfway felt just about easy. In retrospect. Climbing chops are the focus until KTR; gonna put the hurt on ya’ll late in the day!

Still got tons of fun on the back burner. Hopefully I’ll recall most of it.

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  1. “the 1.5k fire road climb halfway felt just about easy.”Glad you thought so.Great ride. Thanks for getting up early.E

  2. My pleasure. Gives me a good excuse to eat breakfast twice.

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