The Earth at Work!

Cool links from Phillip, about a new rapid in lower Grand Canyon. Geomorphological micro-histories. Watch out! Happy leap year everyone. My HS girlfriend Joy was born today, which would make her 7 today. Happy birthday Joy, wherever you may be. Yesterdays GB ride was excellent. Some snow, some mud, some very unpleasent horse tracks frozen […]

A normal day

As if such a thing exists. Get home from work. Lurk around, eat some, odds and ends, go for a ride. Kill and drill out 305 on the SS, hills felt as close as ever to effortless. Head back, find a cool, low-traffic way to ride home, with a few bonus hills on pavement. Eat […]

Victorie: le nouveau

I am a bad mechanic, and just completed some of the most difficult wrenching on a bike I’ve done. When Curiak emailed me last week with an offer I couldn’t refuse, Leviathan seatstays with rack mounts, I thought it would be easy. Undo some bolts, swap, replace. Curiak alluded to head-scratching being involved, but I […]


It’s been a wet winter. In sharp contrast to last. Makes old things new. For today: hiking (not running) around Granite Mountain, for some time on the feet in C2m prep. This is Mint Wash being crossed by trail 308. I’ve never seen any water here before today. Trekking poles proved essential for vaulting streams […]


Yo. At work, 5800′, it was swirling snow all day. At home, 4890′, it was raining. Blah. Time to get high; load up the bike, and drive up and out of town until rain turned to snow. Easily done. I love my singlespeed. Then I got to tromp around Safeway, soaked and shivering with muddy […]