Orangie and Pinkie

Orangie has been my faithful iPod for almost two years.  Two KMCs, two KTRs, C2M 100k, etc, etc, etc.  Even through all the Sentinel trials, it survived horrid volumes of sweat and other abuse without complaint.  

Until last week when I left it in the pocket of my shorts and M ran it through our washing machine.
It died.  We even tried to revive it by a complete disassembly and overnight drying.  This got the power light back on, but it still didn’t actually do anything.  No sound, no being registered by the mothership.
So M bought me pinkie.  And all is well again.  I love my wife.

1 thought on “Orangie and Pinkie

  1. JJ has a pink bike languishing, collecting cobwebs in the garage, to go with PinkieEd

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