Phillip and I went and did The Subway today.

There was a bit of snow.

It was pretty.
Conditions were, on occasion, interesting.
Everything was good.
The Subway is an easy canyon, one which in the summer tends to entrap boy scouts and extended family groups raping with boat rope. We didn’t see anyone today, as snow, ice, and a healthy flow had given the canyon it’s teeth back.

It was as much fun as I’ve had in quite some time, and Phillip was the perfect partner for the day. His thoughtfulness balances my zeal, and all the obstacles were dispatched with well.

And now I get to ride bikes!


  1. Wow, looks a little cold. Honestly, I would have said no if you asked me to go through subway this time of year, although your pictures make it seem easy.

  2. Not to mention a wife who is willing to run shuttle for my stank self….thanks for the fun Dave and support Meredith. As always good to see you both.

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