First complete rough draft of a major final paper is DONE.  Still much, much editing to be done I’m certain, but it’s likely the most theoretically nuanced of the work I’ll do in the next five weeks, and it feels very good to have it all down and outside my head.  

Almost to B&P post #800, too.  
Looking forward to reading some enthralling AZT write-ups.
1949 add.:
The above is really only the tip of the iceberg on a legendary day.  Went skiing this morning, and singlespeeding this evening.  Neither were especially wonderful, but in both cases it was great to get out.  I also had a stellar meeting with the professor for whom I have the most regard in the program.  She gave me feedback on a survey I’m working on for the final project for her class, then told me she thought the project could grow into a publishable article she’d like to work on with me.  She also asked me to be her TA next year.  Good mo(memtum) building…
No complaints here!!

3 thoughts on “Yes!

  1. The big ocho double double bagel ~ Congrats ~ much enjoyed!

  2. Congrats on the paper Dave, Ariel is excited to see the final results…Back to the guiding life for me…..only job when snow days suck. Hope you guys are getting the same amount of snow as us.

  3. It was bluebird and 55 when I left class at 1900 this evening…

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