Just in time to be tested for use in Le Parcour, the Mountain Laurel Designs Trailstar.
It’s sitting out in the rain right now.
A totally clever design, loads of room for two and gear, four could be crammed in if a center pole wasn’t used. Speaking of which, there’s a nice big section of Dyneema Gridstop sewn into the center section, so things like paddles and branches can be used as a center pole.

The actual execution isn’t immaculate, but is very solid. What really takes the cake is the design. One pound, no zippers, very adaptable. The corners and midpoints all have these nifty little plastic ratchets, which with the (massive amount of) cord provided function like little autoblocking devices (Petzl Reverso, for instance). So you can tighten the guy points with one hand from inside the shelter, nice when silnylon sags after being rained on all night. I also really like that it comes with the aforementioned huge amount of guy cord, and a big fat tube of Silnett sealer, more than you’d need for every single seam.



4 responses to “Trailstar”

  1. Off to test in the snow on a sub-24.Peace.

  2. I have been interested in this shelter. I'd like know what you thought?

  3. […] illustrative to think back to the first “cottage” shelter I purchased, one of the first MLD Trailstars, in September of 2009. I was still so little initiated in the ultralight world that I emailed Ron […]

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