It’s snowing in Butte

How do we know this? Because we’re (stuck) in Butte.

It was a little after noon, we had just finished listening to an episode of Car Talk on the iPod, and were just topping a hill on the interstate passing through Butte when the accelerator missed, the engine quit, and we coasted to a spot. Looked on the ground, popped the hood, puzzled, shut it, got back in, turn the key. It’s cranking fine but not turning over.

Since we got our Progressive roadside assistance rider, we’ve used it three times: when I ran the car out of gas just south of here last October, when the front freehubs died on Reserve Street right around Christmas, and today. Free and fast towing is nice, if you must be towed.

No car shop in Butte is open on Sunday, but the owner of the American Car Care Center was in installing a new compressor, and was very optimistic about fixing it tomorrow. Knowing as little about cars as I do, who am I to argue? He even loaned us a van to get around the city, which we did.

Instead of camping tonight and having an early anniversary celebration at the Old Faithful Inn tomorrow night, we’re esconsed in the historical Hotel Finlen downtown. Lots of gorgeous, old, and tragically empty brick buildings around, and oh-my-god burgers at the Metals Sport Bar and Grill (in an old bank, spectacular location).

We’ve always wanted to see Butte.

It’s a good evening to be inside, there’s a headframe visible up the street, and hopefully we’ll be back on the road tomorrow.


  1. I love getting stalled out due to snow storms in small MT towns… Lincoln was my fav, complete with bar that featured Unabomber memorabilia… Butte sounds… nice.

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