Before it is too late. Patagonia’s having a crazy (60%+ off) sale on base layers, most importantly on their very nice and normally very pricey Wool 2.

I’ve had Wool 2 t-shirt since spring. A bit on the fragile side (don’t go climbing off widths in it), but super soft, amazingly warm for it’s heft, a great moisture transport layer, and absolutely the most stink resistant garment I own. I wore it all during Le Parcour, and while I stunk, it didn’t. I still don’t understand how that works.

Wool isn’t (yet) the silver bullet of base layers. The thicker stuff dries too slowly, and the thinner stuff is too fragile. I’m begging Patagonia or Smartwool to jump on the bandwagon with Mammut and come out with a wool/poly blend fabric in the next 18 months that will take over the world. Of my armpits, at least.

5 responses to “Gogogogo”

  1. Thanks for the tip. I picked up a Wool 2 to compare to my Icebreaker, Ibex and Smartwool tops.Wool rules for commuting.Can you recommend me a jacket? I find that I simply cook in most lightweight shells for riding, but need something for the pack for the occasional wind/precip blocking duties. I have been using uber cheapy nylon shells that quickly get soaked, and at the same time sweat me to death even though they are quite thin. Ideas??

  2. Thanks Dave, they still had a few items I needed in my size. The wool stuff was all sold out when I got there. Cheap way to get the extra layers I need for the Grand.

  3. Eric, I hear you wanting something to block wind and a bit of rain, but not actually be waterproof?I've yet to find a waterproof jacket that doesn't engender mass condensation when really working aerobically. I do find my waterproof breathable shell occasionally useful for cycling, but more because it's a bomber wind and vapor layer.For riding (or hiking, skiing) in cold, windy weather with a bit of precip, I really really like Patagonia's Traverse pullover. Simple, stretchy, and hits a sweet spot of breathable, windproof, and weather resistant. It will not shed extended or heavy rain, but does well with drizzle and snow, and dries in a snap.Let me know if you're looking for something else, I'm trying to envision what would work for riding in to the hospital most often October thru April.

  4. Dave, Mega thanks for the wool tip. As we got booted off the pro-deal this was a great way to get a family's worth of base layers in the soft (but fragile) patagonia wool 2 basal layers….Again, thanks!

  5. It sounds like what I need. I have a few "breathable" old Goretex stuff that keeps me dry while simultaneously cooking me with anything even mildy aerobic.I am looking for an outer layer for those 10-30 degree mornings. It needs to hold off biking induced wind chill. I guess water resistance would be way down the list since I don't intentionally go into super wet conditions on purpose. It would be nice if it fit into the camelback as an emergency layer for a ride that turned colder than expected. I'll never intentionally be out in the wet for more than an hour or two.Above freezing, I'm golden in a base layer and shorts for the most part.I will check out the traverse, but any other suggestions would be welcome (from anyone).E

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