5 thoughts on “Two things I Like, One that I Hate

  1. the third photo is a trip down memory lane at our Moab apartment…..

  2. ..and every place we've lived since. AZ was a bit better as we had a dishwasher.Also, everyone who goes out in the cold should read this on gloves:http://kellycordes.wordpress.com/extras/glove-system-replies/Over a century of experience.

  3. I don't hate doing dishes… I'm just lazy.

  4. Oddly, I enjoy doing dishes. It's therapeutic to know I've actually accomplished something after a day at the office never knowing exactly what I have accomplished.Ed

  5. I find leaning dishes meditative, most of the time. Can't wait to bring ice cream back into my lifestyle sometime in December. Will be fun to indulge in foods before the Grand trip to have a little extra body weight to burn off. For now….tons of veggies.

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