Carlton Ridge snow report

In short, it’s up there, but not all that much yet.

I took snowshoes, and that was a good choice. Until right at 8k there was almost no snow, less than on my camping trip almost four weeks ago. I saw funny tracks on the way up, and around 7.5k passed a couple hiking in full-on freeride AT boots, hauling phat skis with Fritschis. They said you could make turns without bottoming, which I almost believe if you manage to avoid all the logs. You could probably get almost 400 feet of vertical if you count the flat part on top.

Until there’s another foot up there, I’m going to keep enjoying the end of mountain biking season.
It is good to have mountains around.

While I was at home last night nursing my sore ankle, the twins were out having fun.
I enjoyed handing out candy. The animal costumes were out in full force, and very cute. Especially the little elephant whose trunk hung to her knees.

One response to “Carlton Ridge snow report”

  1. No way dude, the little fuzzy lion was way cuter than the elephant!!!

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