A little over a year ago I bought a light quilt (in backpack speak: a top bag without a hood) on sale from Backpackinglight. At 11 oz it was certainly light, but it wasn’t warm below 50 degrees without a jacket of some kind. Besides that we have 20 and 5 degree Western Mountaineering down bags. This arrangement doesn’t work for normal three-season temps around here when M and I go backpacking together. Things needed to change.

I also thought that a warmer synthetic bag would be handy for wet shoulder season trips. I thought about making a two-person bag, but both M and I are restless side-sleepers, and for comfort the bag would have to be so big that the warmth gained and weight saved would be negligible. I could make a whole new quilt, but Pertex ripstop is 15 bucks a yard. So I ordered 2 yards of 5 oz Climashied XP.

Ripped open the footbox and one side panel.

Sewed in a triangle of uncoated ripstop to seal things up on the bottom.
Turned the bag inside out and stuck in the new insulation.
Then sewed the sucker back up. I added periodic light bartacks to hold the new insulation in place. I may need to add some more around the feet, but the XP has a stiff hand and seems to sit in place well of its own accord.
Now I’ve got a 21 oz synthetic bag that with the proper head gear should be good into the upper teens.

6 responses to “Warmth”

  1. I'd put 5 oz XP more around a 30-35 degree rating for most but you could certainly push it lower. Teens is probably stretching it though.

  2. The XP plus the Delta already in the bag.

  3. Gotcha. Yeah, probably can be pushed to teens then.

  4. sweet.. make me one.

  5. Sweet Dave! So when your gear is in REI will I get a discount? My fav is still the frame pack …o/o

  6. Nice mod, I'd like to do something similar with my 90 quilt. I didn't realize how easy it could be done !

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