Bed news good news

The good news is that I’m returning to normal a bit faster than I thought I would. I slept from 730-530 last night, the bad stomach I had the last few days in Egypt has mostly gone away, and I have a decent amount of energy back.

The bad news is that we’re moving. At the end of last week our landlord came over and told M that he was putting our house on the market. Since school will be starting soon, and we’re not sure if or when we’ll be moving elsewhere this summer, any move to be done needed to happen soon. Fortunately, our landlord is a very nice and reasonable guy, and has another house a few miles away that has just about all of the same benefits as our current one. This will of course be our third move in the last 18 months. Maybe if we’re lucky we’ll add a fourth in the next six.

So life is pretty full these days. Winter break has been action-filled and satisfying, but not all that relaxing.

Time to go fill some boxes.

3 responses to “Bed news good news”

  1. I don't know what kind of lease you have or how bothered you are by the move, but in many states, a fixed term lease entitles you to continue living where you are until the end of the term. This is true even if the house is sold to another owner. If you are on good terms with your landlord, the fight may be more than it's worth, but I thought I'd pass this along FYI.

  2. yeah month to month leases have that big down side. I got burned the same way last winter – 2 moves in 3 months. Now I view the lease as protecting me, rather than the needs of the landlord.

  3. We indeed had a month to month. Actually, we're now mostly moved into a new placed owned by the same landlord (with another m-m lease). He's a nice guy, much better than dealing with the property management companies around here.We could've taken 30 days, but with school starting again next week, best to just get it over with. Our new place is pretty rad though, and if we need to move in the summer for M to go to law school we have a better idea of the fat that will need trimming. Moving our kitchen is Epic.

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