Erin and Hig

It was indeed a not to be missed presentation this evening. The dynamic duo have a dialed lecture/slide show/video show/reading, entertaining, inspiring and educational in equal measures.

And in Katmai, a capable assistant (see below):

I jumped at the chance to geek out with Hig about gear.  The paddle repair was quite a nice piece of work.  E & H said that, aside from the boats, the most essential bits of gear for a year long trek through some of the world’s worst bushwacking are dental floss and aquaseal.

Old style BPL Cocoon Hoody with custom winter ruff.  It was impressive how little loft the Polarguard Delta had lost on the shoulders.  They had this, their custom powerstretch action suits, and the Alpacka drysuits during winter.  That’s it.  Hig did say they got chilled while moving at around 30 below. 

Other nifty details included flat seams on the action suits, with the seams on the outside not for comfort, but to enhance wicking.  E & H were famous long before the Seattle-Unimak trip for their anit-baselayer stategy.  I can’t see it working for me, but can see the logic if you only do long trips in areas that specialize in horrid weather.

Wish I could add more about the talk itself, but any words I might have would do little.  I also had to skip out at intermission and thus missed the Q & A.  The second half of the program was Red Gold, which is quite good, but I’d seen it before.  Instead, I had to rush home to feed M.  Left to her own devices she’d live on marshmallows and potato salad, rather than pizza.

My new crust formula involves using maple syrup as the sugar to get the yeast going, and then adding wheat bran and a good splash of dark beer (after the yeast has activated). 



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