At least I think I am. Still a bit behind the curve after the very full last week. Actual graduation photos are not yet in my possession.

My sister Kate and I did go hiking this afternoon before I had to put her on a plane back to Rochester, NY and med school. The weather all weekend was perfect. Hot, even. 78 is brutal this time of year.

Spring is advancing right on towards summer, helped substantially by our anemic snowpack.  The last time I was up there I saw much more snow, and much more water in the creek.

Bushwacking was featured, but only tertiarily. More noticable were the ice-cream-headache inducing stream wades.

In other random news, my parents finally prevailed, and I own a Spot.  It worked on the hike today.  Once I start hiking across the GYE on Tuesday afternoon you’ll be able to follow me here.  Sigh.

A packraft with also (finally!) be joining the household soon.  I’m thinking red yak at the moment, but could be moved to select a green llama instead.  Big v. small, stable v. light, stealth color v. easy to see downstream.  I haven’t been this excited about gear in a long time.   Probably since I got my Bridgestone MB-5 for Christmas back in 1994 (ish). 

I’ll be back next week.

2 thoughts on “Graduated

  1. Get a job, hippie.Congrats.

  2. Congrats! From Ed & Laurie

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