In memorium

Dave Blumenthal. Tour Divide racer, father, husband, adventurer. There is one less of us in the world now. Glen Canyon. Still entombed. Momument to human folly. (According to Vimeo stats I was the second view of this gem, which is a tragedy.) Tomorrow I fly back east for a week, to visit my grandma […]


It’s the time to get out and enjoy things, even if it means not sleeping so much.  Yesterday, I woke up at 530 to run the fun section of Rattlesnake Creek before work.  I’ve got it pretty dialed now, picked the right spot to bushwack down from the road, and got to avoid all the […]

Understanding the Tea Party

The third and last part (until later) in this weeks series on examining intersubjectivity in cultural entities.  The trio of divide racing, pop music and politics is nicely eclectic. From the NY Times: Tea Party anger is, at bottom, metaphysical, not political: what has been undone by the economic crisis is the belief that each […]

What price glory: Ride the Divide film review

Preface: I enter into this with some trepidation.  I really enjoyed the film, and for a variety of reasons find it difficult to dwell on those virtues.  I am also hesitant, especially in light of the shit show that is the bikepacking Tour Divide thread, to throw more arm-chair criticism out into the world.  But […]