Rain riding

Some get flattened by the weather. Thus far, and after a week plus of at least most of each day being rainy, I’m loving it.

It’s pretty out there, in the wet. I went out for a casual ride, got psyched, and ended up killing myself trying to channel Heinrich Haussler. The hikers in the lower reaches of the rattlesnake didn’t quite know what to make of me.

I put skinny tires on for the Grizzly Man, and have kept them on since.  The 2.2 Mountain King and 1.8 Jones XR TLR have proven surprisingly capable in our often wet and not too technical terrain.  Experimenting with platforms, too.  Any advice on how to bunny hop without clipless?



2 thoughts on “Rain riding

  1. Bunny hopping with flats is kinda like ollying a skateboard or doing a high jump for track. Pull the front wheel up first and then throw your weight forward and up. The back wheel will follow as you suck the bike up to you and thrust the front wheel down and forward.With clipless you get lazy and just pull the whole bike up at once. Without, it's more of a 'manual hop' as you do a manual and then a thrust.Once you master this, you start to see how those punk bmx kids can jump shoulder high (speaking of, it's much easier on a BMX bike than a mountain bike, chase down a kid and steal his bike for an hour, you'll have it down). Much harder but much more efficient.BTW, loved the video in the last post, sounded like a really cool project.

  2. Bunny hopping with flats is way easier on a rigid. Essentially you rapidly preload the "spring" of the frame and tires and use that bounce to get air. Push down to go up so to speak. Suspension sucks up the preload unless your rebound is set very low.

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