Thursday Night: Fishing, Riding, Crashing, Prevaricating

The job hunt encourages me to spend far too much time in front of the computer.  It creates a time warp where a cities’ searching and two cover letters, many hours work, seems like nothing at all.  Not good for psychosocial equilibrium.  So I left a few hours early for the Thursday Night Ride and headed up Rattlesnake Creek to catch some fish.  Which I preceded to do.

Brook Trout, I believe.  (?) 

Tenkara, Elk Hair Caddis, and human powered transport well away from the road; a very effective combination.

This little guy went after the fly immediately.  Trout seem to have systemic napolean complexes. 

Once I had the little one on the hook, this bigger fish flushed out from under the log and went for it!  I think he figured out it was a meal just too big.  I released the small one, and caught this one on the very next cast.  It was a fun 90 minutes.

The TenkaraUSA rod case is a good blend of sleek and burly plastic.  Strapped along the downtube it didn’t rattle, and I did the whole ride without noticing it.  Something the old rig lacked.

The ride itself was excellent.  Autumn is in the air in a big way, with crystal clear sky and a cool tinge waiting anywhere lacking direct sunlight.  It’s the best mountain biking season.

Jill and Julie agree.

The ride was not without incident.  Larry went OTB in slomo when he went into a creek crossing with too little speed.  More serious was Alden’s 15 mph lawn darting face plant.  Descending a singletrack cut by traffic into an overgrown logging road, his front wheel hit a baby head square on.  He hadn’t a chance. 

When he got up chewing a mouth full of dirt and moss, I thought he had knocked his teeth out.  Full damage assessment has yet to be made, but he walked and rode out, smashed glasses and helmet visor, bloody nose and all.

I should mention that Alden is 69, Professor Emeritus of Computer Science at the University of Montana, rode the Butte 50 on the same day as his 50th high school reunion (he’s a Missoula native), and has Captain America calves finely chisled out of granodiorite.  You can’t whine about the climbing-intensive route (last week!) when Alden picked it, and then cleaned everything.

Once everyone was safely returned to houses or cars, those that rode from town blazed lights on and headed for grub and companionship.

Bridge Pizza is good for the soul.  Thin crust, olive oil sauce, sausage, shallots, roasted peppers, cheese, pepper flakes, Cold Smoke.  Note Bill prepping for this weekends 8 Hours of Labor by obeying the Chad Brown burrito rule: he who eats the most leading up to the race will win.


Be safe out there folks, least you too be hooked.


1 thought on “Thursday Night: Fishing, Riding, Crashing, Prevaricating

  1. Wow, I just wrote the exact same blog post, minus the fishing.It's all good. I'll leave it up anyway. Alden rocks.

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