When in doubt, ride

I came home in an evil mood. There is one direct solution: get out.

It worked.  It’s not Missoula, but we have some ok riding.

I also gave my new Homebrewed Components Nut Tugger.  I prefer the simplicity of track ends (not that I’ve owned a bike with an EBB or sliders), and while the bolts on a Hope hub always held without moving, both quick releases alone and the standard solid axle bolts that came on the above Surly hub moved enough to cause problematic chain tension.  The Surly chain tug works, but is a clumsy, poor design.  The nut tugger is lightweight machined aluminum, and at first ride seems dead-on perfect.  It slots perfectly into the dropout, and seems to hold well.  I’ll keep ya’ll posted.

Election night good omen: Obsidian Stout on sale for $5.98 a sixer at Super 1.

4 responses to “When in doubt, ride”

  1. Those bars are ridiculous.I just put some 30" Azonics on the SS. I would say the jury is still out. They feel clumsy, but I have never gone to a wider bar and then gone back so I will give it time. I am still quite happy with 28" bars and think 29" is probably my personal max. I know I don't want to go even wider than 30" Time will tell if they get cut down.Dan has killed many Surly hubs. I hate to say they are a bit on the junky side.

  2. Agreed on the bars. I cut mine down to 760mm last summer and it's been ideal. Wider just felt weird.Dan is a crusher for sure! How'd he kill 'em? The only problem I've had with my three Surly hubs has been the one occasion when I didn't keep on top of bearing adjustment. Now the rear hub (pictured) has enduro bearings and rolls super fast.

  3. How wide were they!!Dan could never keep the bearings properly adjusted despite multiple warranty returns, replaced bearings, etc. That drove him nuts, so he finally sold them.

  4. A bit of locktite on the inner nut helps.The bars were 800mm.

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