The best brewery in America

Is Bell’s, of Michigan.

This is not just a case of the grass being greener, as we don’t get Bell’s out west (yet).  Everytime I’ve been in the midwest this year I’ve sought it out, and every one of Bell’s beers has been excellent.   They’re mature, balanced beverages, rather than the more-is-better crackpot microbrews that all too often pass in the Rockies. 

I normally stay away from anything called a white ale, but the Bell’s Winter White is an exceptional work.  It compares favorably to La Fin du Monde, in that it balances complexity and, well, balance.  Get some if you have the chance.  And have a good holiday.


5 thoughts on “The best brewery in America

  1. I can’t disagree. Their Epedition Stout is wonderful also.

  2. When I lived on the North Shore I would often imbibe in a Bell’s classic, their Two Hearted Ale. Named after the “Last Good Country” of Hemingway’s imagination it was good both in flavor and in reminiscence of good literature.

  3. Heck yes Sam, the Two-Hearted is fantastic. The name and graphics are also outstanding.

    1. Bells IS tasty and a bit difficult to find. I’ve often road tripped over the Divide to Gunnison as I routinely find it over there.

  4. completely agree! ive missed the eastern breweries since ive moved west. bell’s is definitely tops because the are not afraid to go completely experimental with amazing results. Oberon, Java Stout, and Sparkling Ale are my favorites. Although if you get a chance (and im sure you have already) Great Lakes Christmas Ale and Conway’s Irish Ale are also superb.

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