Wahoo Creek, that is. It’s a good place to ski. I’m spilling the beans because I found out about it the old fashioned way: looking at a map and then going to investigate.
Going up.

Wahoo faces north.  It traps snow, has plenty of shaded aspects, and the lower reaches seem to strongly resist being wind affected.

Course, the starting zones on the main chutes do sit up where they can get wind loaded.  We saw three chutes that slid in the past few days, on the rain crust from 2 weeks ago.  Be careful.

The skiing was awesome.

Fantastic old growth.  Some trees were 4+ feet in diameter.

It snowed the whole time, with visibility vacillating between so-so and not too bad.  One occasion, we could almost see the top of the ridge opposite.   It was very warm, wet snow, the sort were staying dry is just not possible.  We packed it in when keeping warm started to get challenging.

Thank goodness for Primaloft, which stays warm when wet, and dries fast.


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