Teh Sammich

Get yourself a sausage and cook it.  This one is a garlic-beer bratwurst from Pattee Creek Market in Missoula.  Bestest bratwurst around.  I boil it in water with some BBQ sauce and a few Tbsp of bal. vinegar mixed in.  Boil the onions and peppers to taste.

Effin’ y u m.

Toast the bread (sourdough from Bernice’s) halfway.  Add swiss and toast it the rest of the way.

Butterfly cooked sausage.  Sear briefly but harshly on both sides.



PS Purchased some running shoes to train for the GrizPerson.  Not again.


2 thoughts on “Teh Sammich

  1. Great – it’s 9AM and I’m hungry now!

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