Third time’s almost the charm

Finally made it to the Mount Brown lookout in GNP.  On a calm bluebird day, even.  Once I got out the thick woods I was skinning in a t-shirt.

The descent was good.  It’s impressive that you can get to 7.5k in Glacier on relatively low angled terrain.  The snow had been substantially sun-affected from our unprecedented 4 day streak of blue sky, and while the Marquettes made the breakable crust and heavy sludge very doable, my already fatigued legs never felt all that great.  Then, towards the bottom, a got splayed out (each ski doing on divergent tangents to the direction of travel/gravity with very little notice) and faceplants, smacking my right thigh against a sizeable tree on the way down.

Skiing back to the car was not fun, and hours later walking remains problematic.  At least it’s merely one massive, massive bruise.  (Video of the wreck to follow.)


2 thoughts on “Third time’s almost the charm

  1. Ouch. It was too late last night to call you to go with me today but it sound like you had an awesome day. Except for the accident/hematoma.

  2. Weirdly it hasn’t discoloured at all. One leg is just bigger than the other.

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