My injured leg has been improving steadily, though it’s still stiff and achy in particular and unexpected ways and places. I should be and am grateful to not be in a cast right now, but the timing is nonetheless poor. I was hitting a good stride with training last week and weekend.

Spring is also making its introduction. We’ve had more bluebird days in the last fortnight than the whole rest of 2011 put together. Today is another one. With that in mind, and after registering for the Grizzlyman Adventure Race, I thought going for the first bike ride of the year might be a good idea. And it was.  I rode pavement on the Lenz for about ninety minutes, returning home with cold toes and a looser leg.

It might have been a good idea, however, to have removed my shorts and knee warmers before I ate lunch.

This morning I noticed the large purple patch, along with a general yellowness to the inside of my thigh.  Hopefully a sign of muck on the way out that pooled as I slept.



2 thoughts on “Ugly

  1. Ouch. Glad you were able to get out and enjoy the day.

    1. Still ugly, just in a different way now v. this morning.


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