Feedback requested

Luc is badass (found while researching the following).

I would like some feedback on several things. First, the new template and layout. Readable? What sorts of info and organizational devices ought to be added? For example, I’m thinking of adding a top tab with links to my greatest hits. Thought from newer readers would be especially appreciated.

I’d also like to direct your attention to the new bibiography tab, something I’ve been meaning to get around to for months. I intend to keep the existing four categories and expand them as I see fit. Good categories? What did I miss?

As always, thanks for reading.

8 responses to “Feedback requested”

  1. I like the layout just fine. I just read your blog to see what you’re up to when I don’t talk to you so I’m probably not the person to ask.

  2. it’s clean and pretty — I like the fact that you posted Luc’s video best, however.

  3. All the clutter gone with only the post. Clutter is no good anyway. Specially since most people read these things in a reader anyway.

  4. I like the organization, but dislike the white on Black, much preferring the readability of your last template.

  5. Love the blog, Dave. My only wish is for videos to appear in the RSS feed as well as the site. This may be a technical limitation of wordpress, though.

  6. TKB, if anyone has a suggestion on how to make that happen I’m all ears.

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