5 great packrafting videos

I’m getting psyched for boating, and right now, these are my favorites.  In no particular order.

I’m really looking forward to getting back into the South Fork valley. The wilderness scale and packraft-friendly terrain would seem to make it the float in the lower 48.

The long-form Chris and Al have been hiding. Awesome trip.

Still one of my favorites in the sport boating department. Great looking water and bon equipe.

The classic, and ahead of its time in several ways.

Another, newer, classic.

Lots to look forward to this year.


2 responses to “5 great packrafting videos”

  1. Not sure which gear I want more for this summer. A packraft (which I think Ted really wants too) or a mountain bike. Hmm. You have me obsessing about packrafts. The mountain bike is a peer pressure thing.

  2. The packrafting in this part of the world is substantially better than the mountain biking. Much of the best stuff is non-gnar, too.

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